New York start-up launches water-only café

start-up-idea-tap-waterNew York has opened its first water-only café, selling tap water for 95 cents a cup, bringing new meaning to the term “liquid lunch”.


Molecule Water Café’s Adam Ruhf says the filtered beverage is cleaner and healthier than regular tap water, with no trace of any chemical or mineral compounds.


“It’s extremely important for people to drink water every day and we feel that drinking the most pure water gives you the greatest benefits to your health,” Ruhf says.


This is shown by a sophisticated purifying system situated behind the bar. The purifying system strips the city’s tap water down to its molecular level – hence the café’s name Molecule.


“It’s a seven-stage filtration process going through Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, magnetic and catalytic, active-carbon-five-micron reverse osmosis, UV and ozone treatments,” Ruhf says.


For extra healthy customers, the café also offers a wide range of supplements that customers can add to their drinks, including vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.


While this idea might sound outlandish, it does highlight consumers’ increasing demand for the highest quality water, so perhaps there’s an opportunity to open a similar café in Australia.


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