Normalize app can “un-Instagram” photos

start-up-idea-normalizeAn “unhipster” app aims to return Instagram photos to their pre-retro state.


“Instagram certainly isn’t new and it’s actually an app I enjoy,” app creator Joe Macirowski says.


“But every now and again, I encounter a picture in the ‘real world’ (aka, any site outside of Instagram) where someone decides it’s a good idea to use it when trying to take a picture of something they’re legitimately trying to show.”


“Something had to be done. So, I wrote Normalize.”


The app runs a photo through complex algorithms to try to return it to its original state. Shared Instagram pictures cannot otherwise be seen normally.


“The smart algorithm that powers Normalize automatically improves your photo without you ever having to make tedious manual corrections,’ the site says.


“It will improve all kinds of photos – even those that are dark, yellow or already have filters applied to them.”


“You can even copy and paste photos into Normalize to instantly begin transforming them without ever having to save unnecessary photos to your library or photo stream.”


What other popular apps could be “undone”, in the same way Normalize promises to “undo” Instagram photos? Perhaps it’s worth looking into.


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