Online brain training an intelligent idea

Start-up Idea - Brain TrainingStudies show that regular mental workouts can improve the quality of our lives. While the notion of brain training is nothing new, it wasn’t regarded as a legitimate business idea until recently.


However, VibrantBrains, located in San Francisco, understands exercise is the key to good health, both for body and mind, which is why it provides a brain training service.


It also provides a brain fitness community for people dedicated to improving their cognitive skills, with scientifically developed cognitive exercises.

The normal effects of aging, such as memory loss and slower processing speed, no longer have to be inevitable. With services like those provided by VibrantBrains, people can take steps to maintain and improve certain cognitive skills.


The company states: “We are living in the ‘age of the brain’, a time of great scientific insight and discovery about what makes us tick and how.”


“This ever-increasing body of knowledge about our minds is based on extensive and validated scientific research by world-respected scientists in multiple related fields and aided by technologies that enable scientists to look at the brain, through brain imaging, in real-time, to actually see what parts of the brain are working alone or together on what kinds of tasks.”


Here in Australia, businesses are just beginning to consider brain training but it is mostly absent from the online space. A tech-savvy start-up with a scientific background could easily tap into this idea.


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