Outsourcing a fashionable concept

Start-up Idea - FashismCrowdsourcing, a buzz term that has been applied to everything from funding to art, has now landed in the world of fashion.


Fashism is an online service which helps its users avoid making fashion faux pas by crowdsourcing other users’ opinions.  The concept is simple: take a photo, email it to the site, and receive instant feedback in the form of comments and ratings from other users.


The site was created by Brooke Moreland after she attempted to get a sartorial opinion from her husband when she walked out of a dressing room, only to discover he wasn’t there.


Fashism, much unlike its totalitarian namesake, aims to create a fashion-conscious community to advise uses on their wardrobes in real-time.


Opportunities around crowdsourcing are being enthusiastically snapped up by emerging companies. This particular niche of offering passing opinion, however, could be further mined by focusing a business on other hobbies and passions.


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