Parent market makes perfect Babysense

BabysenseOricom International, an Australian company specialising in communications technology, recently acquired Babysense, a technology that monitors the movements associated with a baby’s breathing.


Founded by Kevin McDonnell in 2003, Oricom operations include UHF communications, corded and cordless telephony for commercial, domestic and hearing/visually impaired consumers, and monitoring technologies for the new parent market.


The acquisition expands Oricom’s offering in the multibillion dollar market for baby products, suggesting there is an opportunity for other baby-oriented businesses to appeal to Oricom.


“While we have access to some of the best manufacturers in the world… there is no doubt that smaller local operators do face a stiff challenge in our competition against large multinationals,” McDonnell says.


“However, I’m confident that our ability to tailor products to local needs and our long-established relationships with local retailers allow us to punch above our weight.”


“We’re always looking for new ways to expand business in the communications sector.”


While certain segments of the parent market may already be saturated (read: kids’ t-shirts), technologies that aid either new parents or young children are always welcomed by the industry, so why not come up with your own concept?


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