Luxurious lunchboxes lead to business

Business start-up on healthy eatingPeople often use work demands as an excuse for unhealthy eating, claiming they haven’t got time to make fresh, nutritious meals.


Australian culture is increasingly geared towards eating on the run as we attempt to cram work, family and social commitments into a finite amount of time.


But those excuses may not be valid for much longer with the introduction of UpBox, a clever London-based business providing prepackaged, gourmet meals-in-a-box featuring a rotating menu of global cuisine.


Each UpBox is filled with a gourmet entrée and dessert inspired by the cuisine of a particular country including Mexican, French and Lebanese.


Featuring the freshest, high-quality ingredients, UpBoxes are sold at various venues around London and can also be delivered.


This venture is crying out for emulation in other parts of the world, Australia included. A start-up could create its own gourmet lunchboxes containing cuisines suited to the tastes of the Australian public and distribute them via hotels, conference centres, airports or even airlines.


The concept doesn’t have to stop at adults either. Parents would welcome having healthy lunchbox options available at schools.


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