Plan ahead for the big events

It seems like just yesterday when you put away the Christmas decorations. Perhaps it literally was. Perhaps you still haven’t – in which case your humble correspondent says you probably require a swift kick in the hindquarters.


Anyway, now Australia Day and Valentine’s Day are rapidly approaching – and so are the opportunities to use a little patriotism or romance to meet your sales targets.


A problem many small businesses have with these event days is that planning for them is left to last minute. As a result, either a good opportunity to sell is allowed to slip, or worse, you end up with a slap-dash effort that wouldn’t convince anyone to part with even a single dollar.


On the other hand, by planning ahead, you have time to properly organise any marketing or promotions you want to do around the event day.


It’s the difference between getting a professionally designed and printed “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign in your shop window and a sheet of butcher’s paper saying the same thing.


It’s the difference between sending a few email newsletters to your subscribers or having time to distribute printed pamphlets to mailboxes advertising your Australia Day specials and not.


It’s the difference between organising that Australia Day Sale in the first place, as opposed to sitting back during the long weekend regretting you didn’t.


What you need to do, my dear entrepreneur, is have a think about whether Australia Day or Valentine’s Day represent any sort of opportunities for your business. (Hint: If you sell flowers, chocolates or lamb the answer here will be a definite yes.)


Then decide what, if anything, you’ll need to do ahead of the event day.


It might be ordering or picking up some balloons and streamers. It could be organising a leaflet drop. It need not be complex –it might be some tweets or blog posts ahead of the big day pointing out how well products you sell would go with a barbeque or be the perfect romantic gift.


Whatever you opt for, just make sure you don’t leave the planning to the last minute!


Get it done—today!


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