Plane parts make for quirky furniture

start-up-idea-airline-furnatureVintage plane parts destined for the scrap heap have been given a new lease on life – they’ve been transformed into beds, chairs and desks.


LA-based company Motoart spends hours transforming wings, doors and engine cowls into stylish furniture.


For example, the company’s bomber seats even come with the original ejector pin and “remove before flight” warning tag.


Prices range from $100 for a desk watch to $60,000 for a one-of-a-kind conference table, made from a wing. It also makes “mile high” beds made from DC-9 tailfins sell for up to $30,000.


“The mile high beds are very popular with men – and they are almost always bachelors,” says Motoart joint owner Dave Hall.


Motoart has produced items for A-list celebrities, royalty in the Middle East, and big business clients such as Microsoft and Boeing.


“A business executive who buys one of our desks certainly has a conversation starter when someone walks into their office,” Hall says.


It’s not every day you come across a piece of furniture made from old plane parts. Why not think of other quirky materials and design your own range of furniture?


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