PossessedHand points to new technology

GuitarIf you’ve ever tried to learn the guitar, moving your fingers correctly can prove difficult. Now an invention by a group of Japanese scientists could teach you how to mimic your favourite tunes without practice or talent.


The PossessedHand is a device containing 28 electrodes that stimulates the forearm muscles that move your fingers. It can be programmed to prompt your fingers to move in time with your favourite guitar solo.


PossessedHand is still under development by scientists at the University of Tokyo and Sony Computer Science Laboratories.


It’s not the first gadget to move muscles using electricity – similar devices have been approved in the United States to help people with paralysis.


But because PossessedHand can bend several joints simultaneously or in sequence, it could be the first to coax fingers into tackling a tune.


In addition to appealing to musicians, it is hoped the technology may also be able to help people who have suffered strokes.


Is there an opportunity for Australian entrepreneurs to be involved in this technology or even develop their own?


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