Pot plant doubles as lamp

start-up-idea-glow-potplantFor anyone who struggles to find their keys and unlock their house in the middle of the night, while shrouded in darkness, there is a pot plant on the market that doubles as a doorway lamp.


The Assisi LED Planter, from Konstsmide, eliminates the need for additional lights in the garden.


Standing 40 centimetres high, with a diameter of 37 centimetres, the Assisi LED Planter provides unobtrusive focal points for doorways and sheltered areas.


Each Assisi LED Planter has 15 LEDs providing crisp white light, and comes complete with a generous two metre cable and transformer.


As people look to spruce up their homes via DIY jobs, perhaps there is a market for products such as the Assisi LED Planter, which requires no handyman work.


Why not develop something similar?


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