Princeton’s tooth tattoo could detect life-threatening diseases

start-up-idea-tooth-tattooA “tooth tattoo” made from silk strands and fold wires could be used to detect life-threatening illnesses.


The tiny wireless device sticks to dental enamel and transmits real-time updates on chemicals in breath and saliva.


Engineers at Princeton University in the United States have used it to detect bacteria that causes surgical infections and stomach ulcers, and say it may also be used to recognise viruses.


Researchers created the device by bundling the silk and gold with graphene, which is an extremely thin layer of carbon. The sensor is still in the early stages of development.


At the moment, the sensor is too large to fit on a human tooth and will require quite a bit of work to shrink down.


Researchers also hope to make it as resilient as possible so it can withstand day-to-day activities such as eating and brushing.


If you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur or interested in medical breakthroughs, perhaps the tooth tattoo is worth looking into.


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