Put your stamp on tailored technology

Small business start-up: Technology for senior citizensMost senior citizens grapple with today’s technology, but businesses are finally beginning to respond to their struggles with the development of user-friendly applications.


One example is Red Stamp Mail, operated in Israel by Platonix Technologies. Red Stamp is a web-based service requiring no downloads or installations.


Instead, the service works with any existing email account that can be accessed via POP3 or IMAP – it even works with text-only browsers and screen readers.


Whereas many email programs today try to cram as much information as possible onto the screen, making them unsuitable for users with reduced eyesight or impaired motor skills, Red Stamp Mail was designed to offer a simple, accessible way to read and write email.


Large, readable fonts and high-contrast colors help, as does the client’s Mailbox Tab, which presents mail in a clear and simple format, grouped by day of arrival.


It also gives users simple ways to search and filter their messages. Meanwhile, mail from existing contacts is clearly marked, making it easy to filter out spam.


As our population continues to age, there’s no shortage of opportunities to tailor technological products and services to the elderly. With app development a growing area of opportunity for start-ups, could you come up with an effective solution for people who face barriers when using technology?


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