Real-time video the next frontier

iWatchReal-time video is regarded by some as the next evolution in online maps, indicating there could be opportunities for start-ups to tap into the technology.


iWatch software integrates 3D maps of cities overlaid with real-time inserts by CCTV cameras that spring to life when a user zooms in, showing cars and people moving in real time.


Traffic and friend-tracker tools will also provide updates on friends’ locations and real-time public transport movements, using recent and historical data to map where vehicles are likely to be located on a standard Google map.


Jake Dunagan, a research director for the Technology Horizons Program at the Institute For The Future, based in California, says real-time video communication is poised to become one of the most transformative technologies of this decade.


“[Real-time video] could be a major disruptive force in domains from business to health to education,” Dunagan says.


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