Relax, rest and rejuvenate

We’re finally there. The end of another challenging, exciting and experience-filled year that has tested even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs.


It’s been my honour to boss you around throughout this year and I hope I’ve provided more than a few ideas that you’ve been able to use in your business.


But I have one last commandment for 2011 and it’s actually a very hard one for entrepreneurs to get right: Actually try and relax over this festive season.


There was a time when I spent the Christmas break fretting about my business or working on it. Heck, in the early years I’d use the Christmas break to come in and do renovations to my premises.  Sure, they were renovations designed to make my office bigger, but manual labour is manual labour.


But I learned. Holidays are there for a reason. One year I got so sick in January I had to take an entire month off. If only I’d just stopped for a week at Christmas.


Entrepreneurs cannot physically or mentally make it through an entire year without some sort of rest. So spend a least a few days not thinking about work at all and then if you must strategise, think about big picture stuff – your industry, your dreams, your big goals.


You’ll come back ready for a brilliant 2012 – and I’ll be right here by your side, barking orders!


Get it done today!


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