Rucksack House goes mobile

start-up-idea-rucksack-houseA walk-in sculpture known as the Rucksack House is intended to be used as an additional room that can be suspended from the façade of residential buildings.


The Rucksack House, created by Stefan Eberstadt from Germany, is designed to be as mobile as a rucksack.


Shaped like a cube, the Rucksack House is suspended from steel cables that are anchored to the roof or to the façade of an existing building.


The construction is a welded steel cage with a light birch veneered plywood interior cladding. The outside cladding is exterior grade plywood with an absorbent resin surface.


Fold-down furnishings and built-in openings on the inside provide extra living space with direct daylight. Sections of the walls unfold into a desk, shelves and a platform for reading or sleeping.


Apartment-dwellers are always looking for ways to create space, suggesting there is a demand for a similar concept here in Australia.


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