Scented nightclubs awaken customers’ senses

Orange scented nightclubNew research reveals the better a nightclub smells, the better your night out will be, suggesting there could be an opportunity for hotel operators to design their own signature scent.


A study from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands shows subtle scents blown into nightclubs and bars not only mask unpleasant odours – such as cheap perfume – but can improve the enjoyment of patrons.


The authors studied the effect of scents after smoking bans revealed smells previously masked by cigarette smoke, including body odour and stale beer.


There scents – orange, seawater and peppermint – were blown into nightclubs using scent machines and fans, and set at a level so they were noticeable but not overly obvious.


Results showed the scents made people dance more and improved the clubbers’ evaluation of the evening. The music was also given a higher mark and patrons reported being in a better mood when they left.


The authors of the report said nightclubs could use the research to match a scent to music and lighting to stimulate the senses, or could design their own signature scent.


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