Scented stamp smells promising

Eucalyptus stampAustralia Post recently produced its first scented stamp, infused with eucalyptus oil for a distinct Australian smell.


The stamp was produced in conjunction with printing company EGO. Sales manager Graeme Lidgerwood says while the technology has been around for awhile, it’s been fairly restrictive up until now.


“Today, we have the delivery technology that has enabled far greater scope from a marketing and advertising perspective and we can create scents virtually to order. Naturally, this opens up all sorts of possibilities for marketers,” Lidgerwood says.


The Australia Post stamp, due for release later this month, is part of the company’s forthcoming Farming Australia series, which highlights native horticulture.


“We’re confident the unique nature of the stamp will attract considerable attention from collectors and the general public alike,” Lidgerwood says.


“The application of this type of technology is only limited by advertisers’ imaginations. We’re looking forward to some interesting discussions.”


If you’re a start-up with an advertising background or are simply looking for a point of difference, could this idea provide you with the smell of success?


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