Self-adjusting glasses appeal to older consumers

start-up-idea-ajustaspecsGetting older isn’t always pleasant. Once your vision starts to suffer, you need a range of different spectacles for different occasions.


However, older consumers can now save themselves the trouble of continuously hunting for different pairs with the all-in-one Adjustable Readers.


These self-adjusting glasses can be controlled by the user and adjusted for different functions, be it reading, cooking or computer use.


The glasses work by using “SideLens” technology, wherein two lenses slowly slide across each other to change the overall focusing power.


The glasses have a little knob on the side, which the user can rotate until they can see more clearly. The dial can also be removed and reattached at any time to avoid bulkiness.


Australia’s ageing population opens up a huge range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Adjustable Readers are another product that could serve as inspiration.


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