SellARing is music to app developers’ ears

start-up-idea-sellaringAn advertising company is trying to make mobile phone users listen to commercials – when they call someone else.


SellARing plans to replace the “ring-ring” consumers hear when calling another party with 10-second audio ads from companies such as Vodafone.


It is offering app developers big money to include the audio ads on their latest apps. Currently, most developers who offer free apps usually include only banner ads within their app.


“SellARing’s out-app advertising model monetises your entire installed base, and not just your active users as traditional in-app ad networks do,” the company says.


“In other words, your app doesn’t have to be running in order for SellARing to play an audio ad before a call, or display our click-to-action menu.”


“This means you earn significantly higher revenues, up to five times more than what you earn with traditional in-app networks.”


For cash-strapped app developers, this could be the model they’ve been waiting for.


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