Shoe deodoriser is a sweet-smelling idea

start-up-idea-shoe-deodoriserA Chinese company called Meson has unveiled a shoe dryer and deodoriser, aimed at people who regularly get their shoes wet or simply have smelly feet.


In addition to shoes, the device can be used for socks, again putting an end to unpleasant foot odour.


According to, the device is suitable for any home, but especially those where people who tend to play sports live.


“You will get some comfortable and nice smelling socks or shoes, which will help you win confidence in your own person and make you feel great,” writes.


“It is a device which can become indispensable for every house, as it is so practical and useful.”


Imagine how popular this device would be in households with children, not to mention athletes. It could even prove useful for skiers, fishermen and anyone else inclined to get their shoes wet.


Consumers are looking for ways to make their products last longer – shoes included – so devices that seek to lengthen the lifespan of a product are certain to be successful. Can you think of one?


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