Shoe with interchangeable heel

start-up-idea-detatchaheelA brand called Bacolté has introduced a shoe with an interchangeable heel in a bid to fulfil the “dreams of millions of women”.


The concept behind Bacolté is simple but brilliant. It lets women use a single pair of shoes and lots of heels, which can be changed not only in shape but also in the finishing and height.


Bacolté, a brand of Italian fashion company Claudio Tonello, says on its website that the shoes can be worn in “endless” different ways.


“[Bacolté shoes] can be low-heeled and comfortable for the office and the afternoon shopping, high-heeled and elegant for dinner, towering and posh for the girls’ night out,” the website says.


“How many women have dreamt about having shoes like these? Now you can change your day with just one pair of Bacolté.”


As consumers continue to rein in their spending, whilst packing more into each day, perhaps a shoe with an interchangeable heel is the item they’ve been looking for.


What other accessories could be transformed in a similar way?


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