Shoes have animalistic feel

start-up-idea-animal-sheosSandals sculpted from doves are part of a bizarre new collection of footwear made from animals.


The range, from German designer Iris Schieferstein, includes hedgehogs, snake stilettos and intact horses’ hoofs. The dove shoes require the wearer to slide their toes between the bird’s legs.


“I wear them around the house. Needless to say, they’re not quite as comfortable as a pair of trainers [but] when I’ve got the dove shoes on, I feel like I’m flying,” Schieferstein says.


Her controversial designs have even inspired a range from luxury label Dolce & Gabbana.


While the mere thought of using animals (other than traditional material leather) to create footwear probably doesn’t appeal to the average consumer, the interest in Schieferstein’s shoes highlights the demand for fashion that pushes the envelope.


If you have a passion for fashion or a background in design, perhaps you can draw inspiration from Schieferstein by adding a quirky element to your creations.


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