ShooAway founders look to dine out on idea

start-up-idea-ShooAwayTwo Brisbane entrepreneurs have come to the aid of outdoor diners, with the launch of their invention ShooAway set to change the face of alfresco dining.


Founded by Andrew Smith and Rob Ayala, ShooAway is a chemical free, family-friendly way to keep the flies away from food.


“With hands waving all over the table to try and keep the flies away, the idea suddenly struck – what if we had something that could sit on the table and do the shooing for us?” Smith says.


“The idea is simple in design and practical in implementation. We incorporated two battery-operated, soft-blade propellers that pause when touched so as not to get in the way of dining.”


“Since launching, [we] are well on our way to hitting the 10,000 sales milestone. We’re extremely pleased with the way the Australian market has picked up on this invention.”


Dining outdoors is a much-loved activity among Australian consumers, so perhaps there are other ways you can make the experience even more enjoyable.


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