Sid keeps a lid on it

start-up-idea-lid-sidFor anyone who wants to (literally) let off some steam in the kitchen, there’s a pot and pan accessory called Sid.


Sid is a small figure, which hangs over the edge of a pot, propping its lid open to let out excess heat while food is simmering.


An Israeli designer called Luka created the “Lid Sid” for Israeli company Monkey Business.


Design magazine Designboom praised Luka for adding a “playful aspect to the often tedious and time-consuming activity of preparing food, while bringing some character to the kitchen itself”.


The product is available in red and white, designed to stand out against the dark tones of pots and pans.


The Lid Sid is a simple yet effective way to help ensure food is cooked to perfection. How else might you improve the food preparation process?


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