Socialite service takes to the streets

Socialite serviceIf you have a friend who fancies themselves as the next Paris Hilton, you may want to point them in the direction of


Based in Sydney, the new website is seeking wannabe socialites to give locals and tourists a taste of the high life in Melbourne.


Party poppets like Paris would rate highly with the website, which calls for socialites to share their knowledge about top bars and nightclubs for a price.


The site says selected socialites get to set up a night out on the town, taking out individuals, groups and business tourists for a fee. Experiences also include festivals and day tours, and nights out for single men and women.


“Night with a socialite is your local VIP experience in any city around the world,” the site says.


“It’s your chance to experience how locals experience a night out at their favourite bars, hot spots, cafes, nightclubs and pubs.”


It’s interesting to note that the service not only appeals to tourists and the like, but also to the egos of those who deliver it. Is there an opportunity to develop something similar?


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