Songza hits a high note

start-up-idea-SongzaA new iPad app streams music tailored to your current situation and mood.


Songza, an online radio service since 2007, launched its iPad app this month to help people find the perfect playlist for the moment, whether it is while reading or for a cocktail party.


“We’re trying to make the world’s greatest collection of amazing playlists and long-form listening experiences,” Songza co-founder Elias Roman says.


The app, already downloaded 700,000 times, screens for genre, decade and mood.


“Relaxing? Working? Throwing a party? Songza plays the right music for any situation. Songza is 100% free, with no audio ads,” it says.


Due to licensing constraints, listeners located outside of the United States cannot access Songza, suggesting there could be an opportunity to develop a Songza-inspired service here.


Music lists tailored to suit each consumer’s individual tastes are becoming increasingly popular, so why not launch a service that does just that?


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