Split pie pan takes the pain out of decision-making

start-up-idea-pieEver wanted to bake a pie but couldn’t decide what type of pie to make? That problem has been solved with the creation of the Chicago Metallic Split Decision Pie Pan.


The pan includes two inserts for creating a full-size pie or two halves. Users can bake two halves at once to add variety to their dessert selection, or make a savoury pie and a sweet pie.


“The Split Decision Pie Pan is part of the top-of-the-line Specialty Bakeware,” Chicago Metallic says on its website.


“Home chefs and bakers who want to add a little personality to their kitchen turn to Chicago Metallic’s Specialty Bakeware.”


“Whether you want to bake bite-size pre-sliced brownies for the kids or make savoury lasagna dishes for a dinner party, our Specialty Bakeware products are the perfect choice.”


Any kitchen product that can make people’s lives easier is a winner. While the two-in-one pie idea might be taken, surely there are others that would appeal to chefs and homemakers.


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