Spuni takes the mess out of mealtime

start-up-idea-spuniThere comes a point in a baby’s life when he or she starts eating solid food.


However, this often leads to more mess. Why? Because baby spoons are smaller versions of adult spoons, and are not ergonomically engineered to help babies transition to solids.


Fortunately, there’s a new spoon called Spuni, which aims to reduce the amount of mess made.


Spuni’s unique “tulip” profile is designed to trigger the instinctive latching reaction that babies develop during breast and bottle feeding.


It allows a baby to suck food off the spoon with less spillover, taking some of the mess – and the stress – out of mealtime.


Spuni has partnered with a German manufacturer to make the first batch of commercial spoons for the US and European markets.


Well-designed baby products that serve a purpose are always in demand, and Spuni is a product that will appeal to mums and dads everywhere. Can you think of any others?


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