StealthWear Clothing has got you covered – literally

start-up-idea-stealthwearTwo New Yorkers have created clothes that allow the wearer to stay invisible from infrared scanners used by drones.


Artist Adam Harvey and fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield used metalised material for their anti-surveillance StealthWear hoodies, scarves and T-shirts.


They also created a shielding pouch for mobile phones to block radio signals.


“Stealthwear Protective Clothing is committed to providing streamlined protective clothing solutions for on-the-job safety, and increased productivity,” the business says on its website.


“Our experience ensures that every detail of the finished product is considered before providing a solution that best addresses your needs. Our protective clothing line is the result of rigourous testing and ongoing client feedback.”


In addition to being used by school boards throughout Ontario, the product line is being considered for other institutional applications.


Is there a market for this sort of clothing in Australia?


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