Suburban Camping Co. conjures up nostalgia

start-up-idea-home-campSuburban Camping Co. is a US-based company that sets up a variety of camping scenarios in consumers’ backyards, complete with everything from canvas tents to cots and trail mix bars to outdoor movies.


All campsites are set up by an experienced outfitter with one or multiple tents and sleeping bags, cots, lighting and anything else clients might request.


The business was founded by husband and wife team Chris and Kella MacPhee, whose aim is to “provide families and friends the opportunity to unplug and reconnect in their own backyard”.


“The plan was to offer an experience. An experience that tasted like burnt marshmallows, sounded like storytelling, felt like wet grass and ended with a whiff of nostalgia,” their website says.


“By nurturing genuine connections through the camping experience, we have the ability to enrich lives by bringing back some simple but often forgotten pleasures.”


The Suburban Camping Co. concept is a clever take on the leisure industry, so perhaps there are opportunities to develop similar services here in Australia.


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