Sydney company Greenbo thinks outside the box

start-up-idea-greenboA Sydney-based company called Greenbo has created a railing planter box in a bid to save space while greenifying a railing, deck or fence.


The railing planter, which comes in eight colours that won’t fade, is made of heavy duty plastic to withstand all weather conditions, and includes two built-in draining trays that are removable.


“A railing planter box can be your ticket to having the garden you want, even if you don’t have available ground space,” Greenbo says in its company blog.


“Because a railing planter box sits high, this makes a railing planter box ideal for the elderly who wish to continue gardening but are no longer physically able to handle ground gardens.”


“Of course, one need not have physical limitations to appreciate the ease with which a railing planter box may be maintained.”


As people become increasingly keen to swap the suburbs for inner-city apartments, what other green, space-saving ideas could you develop?


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