Tablecloth keeps kids entertained


Anyone who has children knows they love to draw – on everything. With that in mind, a tablecloth has been designed that allows children to draw on it to their hearts content.


The Doodle Tablecloth is pre-shrunk 100% cotton and is printed to look like a giant piece of graph paper, with printed lines, holes and red margins.


No matter what gets doodled on the tablecloth, it all comes out in the washing machine, so you can start with a clean piece of paper the next evening.


The Doodle Tablecloth was designed by parents and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple yet clever product that aims to take some of the stress out of mealtimes.


If you’re a time-poor parent, you know how hard it can be to leave children to their own devices without them destroying something, which is why this tablecloth is such a standout.


Why not think up some other products that make parents’ lives easier?


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