Take a break in the next two hours

The TaskmasterEach day, Taskmaster generally tells you to do something. Today, I am telling you to do nothing – for a few minutes at least.


While many entrepreneurs like to consider themselves to be iron men and iron women, who are able to go days without sleep, food or bathing, the remarkable truth is that this may not be the most effective way to work.


Indeed, to ensure you have maximum concentration and focus at all times, it’s a great idea to actually take regular short breaks throughout the day to give you time to recharge, refocus – and go to the bathroom.


Productivity expert Andrew May recommends a 10-15 minute break every 90 minutes or two hours. And if you sit at a desk all the time, use the time to get up and go for a walk.


But most importantly of all, don’t view break time as wasted time. Use the break to chat with staff, take the temperature of the office, and recharge with more coffee.


It’s a strategy that will help you work smarter for longer.


Get it done – today!




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