Testing makeup online is a beaut idea

start-up-idea-lancomeBeauty queens no longer have to hit cosmetics counters to test lipstick and eye shadow – they can do it at the click of a mouse.


The online “mirror” at lancome.com allows users to try eye shadow, lip gloss, foundation, blush and bronzer on a photo of themselves.


Zoe Foster, author of Amazing Face, says savvy shoppers will embrace high-tech ways.


“[Testing] in your own home is awesome because you can experiment without anyone seeing you, and without feeling the pressure of buying on the spot,” Foster says.


“You can see what shades would look the most flattering on your eye colour and skin tone, and a lot of women won’t do that at counters – they feel uncomfortable.”


Foster says experimenting with beauty products online is the way of the future, suggesting other start-ups should seriously consider developing an idea around this concept.


“You’ll be able to upload your exact skin tone, your eye colour, your brow shape – everything will be there via photo,” she says.


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