Tetley perfume has inspiring scent

Tetley's Le BrewIt’s up there with freshly cut grass and clean laundry as one of our favourite aromas, but would you really substitute your Chanel No. 5 for a perfume that smells like tea?


Tetley certainly hopes so – the UK tea manufacturer has branched out from its usual stable to dip into the glamourous world of perfumery.


New perfume Le Brew comes on the back of extensive research into favourite smells. A freshly brewed cuppa came fourth on a UK list, following fresh bread, grass and clean laundry.


According to Tetley, the new perfume is intended to smell fresh and spring-like.


The move certainly raises questions about whether other companies can do the same. If you’re a fashion or food retailer, for example, could you diversify your offering by designing scents inspired by your stock or produce?


For fashion retailers in particular, pairing items with perfumes could be a way to differentiate yourself within the market, or might even be the basis for a new business entirely.


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