The Clam Chair is an open and shut innovation case

start-up-idea-clam-chairThree students from RMIT University have designed a chair inspired by clam shells, which is making waves after picking up a national award.


The Clam Chair, which is padded with 19 small cushions, is made from American walnut veneered hoop pine, plywood, flexible PVC and woollen felt upholstery.


The chair allows people to take it with them, making it ideal for the park or beach.


It is the brainchild of Ben Grant, Tharindu Abeyratne and Benjamin Brayshaw, all of whom are studying an associate degree in furniture design.


The Clam Chair recently won the Australian Furniture of the Year Student Design Award for Victoria and Tasmania.


It’s not every day a design like this comes along and, while it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it does suggest there is an increasing interest in furniture that is either quirky or mobile.


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