The great outdoors

Jean Marc-Batard garden for the elderlyThousands of devices recently went on display at an inventions fair in Geneva, including a range of products catering for the elderly.


For example, Italian inventor Emanuele Lopopolo presented a portable backrest that allows the wearer to take a break from standing by leaning back onto a telescopic pole.


“A kangaroo can rest its weight on its tail, so we’ve made the same thing for humans,” he says.


Meanwhile, Frenchman Jean Marc-Batard said the idea to build his pyramid-like garden came from running a retirement home, where many elderly people complained about not being able to pursue gardening because it was too hard for them to bend down.


Batard devised a modular wooden frame that can be modified to suit the gardener’s horticultural preference and reach, allowing older people to enjoy gardening without straining their bodies.


These ideas are just a few of the ways in which inventors are seeking to enhance older people’s experiences outdoors – can you think of any others?


With so many retirees deciding to drive around Australia, there’s always a demand for items and services that can add comfort to their adventures without restricting them.


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