Upload content in blink of an eye

ZionEyesIt may sound a bit space-age, but a newly-launched sunglasses brand lets users stream what they see to Facebook in real time, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “candid camera”.


With a built-in camera, the ZionEyez glasses allow users to record what happens around them. By using a mobile phone Bluetooth connection, users can upload the content to any social networking or video-sharing site.


The camera is so small it is impossible to see, making covert filming as easy as touching the “record” button.


“Sharing personal experiences online will no longer be a written status update and a few photos, but a full length HD video journal,” ZionEyez LLC co-founder Brent Burroff says.


“Eyez gives people the ability to share the world as they see it in real time, from a truly first person perspective, without compromising convenience or style.”


According to ZionEyez, the problem with online video isn’t the services themselves, such as YouTube or Facebook.


It’s that many recorded video streams are short, largely because it is uncomfortable for users to continuously hold their cameras up for longer than a few minutes.


“Also, users are forced to watch the event they are recording through the miniature mobile phone screen, rather than enjoying the action as it unfolds in front of them,” the company says.


ZionEyez solves this problem by doubling as perfectly normal shades that happen to record video with a tap of the logo. What other technologies might have a similar effect?


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