Urbanites no longer green with envy

Start-up IdeaAs the urban gardening trend continues to gain pace, being a green thumb is no longer limited to those with large back yards.


California-based Amber’s Garden has cashed in on this concept with a range of pre-seeded mats that only need to be planted in order to enjoy produce grown at home, regardless of your property’s size.


Constructed of burlap and a paper-like material made of plant fibre, the ready-to-plant mats take the guesswork out of seed spacing, seed depth and when to plant.


The mats can be planted in a sunny garden spot or cut up to fit patio containers, making them ideal for people with limited space.


The biodegradable paper-like layer serves as a weed barrier for the first eight to 10 weeks, making the process of growing a garden as effortless and rewarding as possible.


Harvesting can typically begin 30 to 35 days after planting. Available varieties include an Asian garden mix, summer crop, salad garden, salsa mix and pumpkin patch.


Ease of use is clearly a defining characteristic when it comes to modern-day gardening, and Amber’s Garden mats represent the tip of the iceberg in that respect. What other start-up concepts can grow out of the urban gardening trend?


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