US brand offers lip service

Bacon BalmAnyone who uses lip balm knows you inevitably eat quite a lot of the stuff, so why not make a meal of it?


US brand Accoutrements has recreated some fast food favourites including French fry-flavoured lip gloss, which is “like a drive-through for your lips”, the company says.


Other salty treats include bacon, corndog, nacho and pickle or, for the more sophisticated palate, wasabi. With no direct correlation between lip gloss consumption and weight gain, this could be a fun, short time on the lips, but not the hips.


Other novelty products from Accoutrements include hand soap, which is soap that looks like a hand, mop slippers for “lazy” housekeepers, and a public toilet survival kit.


Accoutrements also sells “mints” that taste like onion rings, meatball bubblegum and ranch-flavored dental floss.

As consumers keep saving their pennies, novelty products are looked upon as an ideal gift idea, so why not come up with your own?


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