Violight keeps your phone nice and clean

start-up-idea-violightSome people regard their mobile phones as their most prized possession, used countless times a day to check emails, scour social media sites, text and call other people, and take photos.


But how clean is the average person’s phone, given how many surfaces it comes into contact with? Probably not very clean at all.


With that in mind, the Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer has been launched. This is a battery-operated germ-killer that purges handsets of 99.9% of existing bacteria.


“Nooks, crannies, cracks, crevices. Whatever you call them, they are the place that everything eventually comes to rest, and your phone has a ton of them,” the Violight website says.


“Dust, dirt, dead skin cells and more become lodged in the creases in your phone every day, creating a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The question is, how do you get them out?”


“The answer, the Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer. Place your cell phone, Bluetooth, ear buds, MP3 player, or anything that will fit, in the basket and replace the lid.”


“Germicidal UV rays will do the rest, leaving your items germ-free and ready for use.”


Mobile phone usage is only going to increase, so any sort of add-on item will almost certainly be of interest. What other complementary items can you think of?


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