Want to be a farmer? Your livestock could be just a bug catcher away

Overcome the initial revulsion to creepy crawlies, and you could find your world teeming with business ideas as micro-livestock farming is taking off.


With the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation calling for us to explore eating insects to help overcome world hunger, Kylie Kwong’s Sydney recipe offering them on the menu and two billion people already eating them, insect farming might be worth the investment.


Two Gippsland famers are already making a living from farming insects (one raising butterflies for weddings and another raising snails for French restaurants). They’re even hosting an event for those keen to find out more.


Can you think your way into a different part of the food chain, and come up with a business idea? Or tap into an emerging food market as the world becomes increasingly globalised and restaurants need to new ingredients and elements to add into their menus?


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