Ward off persistent suitors with a fake number option

start-up-idea-no-phoneGirls who find it difficult to get rid of a persistent suitor have been given a fake number option, which gives the offender a lecture on how to treat women.


“Give… 0450 352 004 out to men or anyone who doggedly persists in trying to get your number even after you’ve already said no,” an anonymous blog on Tumblr reads.


When the number is dialled, it doesn’t ring but goes straight to voicemail.


“If you have been given this number it means that you have made someone feel uncomfortable, unsafe, perhaps even threatened,” a female voice says.


“Most likely you have pestered a woman for her phone number, even after she said no. Maybe even said no repeatedly.”


“You put so much pressure on this woman she had no choice but to give you this number in order to get you to leave her alone.”


While we’re not suggesting you come up with a fake number and distribute it to women, it does suggest there is a demand for ideas that help men “get the message” if a woman isn’t interested.


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