What a chore

Start-up ideaWhat boring chores can you turn into game format?


Apps for Apple devices are split into two uncomfortably co-existing groups – the large consumer-targeted market and the smaller business-focused genre.


This divide has rarely been bridged. Of course, many consumer apps can have a business use, but none have quite integrated the two as enjoyably as EpicWin.


With a mission statement of “putting the adventure back into our life” the app allows users to upload their to-do list, which invariably contains a slog of meetings and tasks, some more enjoyable than others.


You can then choose an avatar to conquer the tasks in a game format, with rewards for each challenge completed. Your character gains a greater level of skills as the game progresses, allowing you to knock off repeated tasks with ease.


Not only does this app provide light relief to time-poor business owners, it also raises the question of whether budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of this genre. What other chores can be turned into game format? From dry-cleaning to creating invoices, the dreary elements of daily life could be more palatable with a well-crafted app.


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