Whiteboard clock is right on time

White Board ClockWhiteboards are useful for remembering to complete certain tasks and clocks remind us when we need to complete those tasks so why not merge them to make a whiteboard clock?


The White Clock Pure White Board, by Dutch clock brand Karlsson, is exactly that – a clock-clad whiteboard, ensuring you’re never late for an important date.


“Imagine waking up in the morning … you had something to do but you just can’t remember what it is,” writes Ubergizmo.com.


“Sure, there are ways to help you remember – sticky notes, diary etc, but what if you woke up at 8am and you think to yourself isn’t there somewhere I should be in an hour?


“If you had the whiteboard wall clock all you’d have to do is write on the clock itself or the space next to it, so whenever you glance at it you will be reminded.”


As we juggle more tasks and struggle to keep on top of them these types of devices are handy to have around. Can you think of any useful household items?


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