Write a to do list

The TaskmasterAh, Mondays. I love them. A full week of making money, seizing upon opportunities and bossing people around lies ahead.



So let’s bring in the new week with a task that is an oldie, but a goldie – the humble to do list.


In the modern age of email-based calendars that sync to your smartphone, the humble to do list has gone the way of the dodo. But for focussing the mind at the start of the week, there is simply nothing better.


There are a few ways to do this. You might start with a weekly to do list with your key goals for the next five days. Or you might develop a daily to do list with the things you need to crank through during the course of the next 12 hours.


For example, winning one new piece of business might go on your weekly to do list. Making five sales calls a day would go on your daily list.


To make your list even more effective, pin it up where you and your staff can see it and monitor your progress – and give you a good kick up the bum if you fail to tick off any items.


Get it done – today.


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