Zip-up tie aiming to solve sartorial struggles

A US designer claims to have the ideal solution for men who struggle to tie their ties.


Josh Jakus’s zip-up tie is designed to fasten perfectly every time. The $65 tie comes in three sizes, and is available in blue or grey.


“I put a zipper around my neck and the idea was born,” Jakus says.


“Zip for work, unzip for fun. I wore the tie to a cocktail party last week and spent the evening talking about nothing else.


“So if you want an accessory that is out of the ordinary yet still incredibly stylish then this is your tie.”


A zip-up tie is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to reduce the amount of time spent getting ready in the morning, or those who simply hate tying ties.


What other must-wear accessories could do with a revamp?


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