Lachy Groom

2-Lachy-GroomBusiness name: Cardnap


Age: 18


State: WA


Despite being just 18 years old, Lachy Groom has launched and sold three businesses. His fourth start-up, Cardnap, allows users to search for discounted gift cards and resell their own.


Groom also runs a consulting company called TheWP.Co, which uses WordPress to provide clients with a hands-on development process.


In addition, Groom has been handling all the PR, marketing and rebranding efforts of Dev Bootcamp, a nine-week apprenticeship program held in San Francisco.


Dev Bootcamp isn’t Groom’s only gig in the United States. He also works at Stripe, an online payments processor.


Earlier this year, Groom told StartupSmart Cardnap will not remain his main project, saying he’ll probably sell it off and turn his focus to “something in education or something else”.


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