Business salad days

Ms Manners,


A simple one for you, can you eat salad with a knife and fork?


Back in the day there was one lettuce leaf, namely iceberg. Now we have all types of leaves that are almost impossible to eat elegantly.


Seriously, some leaves are bigger than your head and surely there has to be a way to eat that delicious salad apart from trying to shove a lot in your mouth while your dinner partner isn’t looking?


Regardless of what some people think, if salad leaves have not been cut into bite-size pieces it is perfectly fine to cut your salad with a knife.


Unless you are in France cut away – the French would rather you fold your leaves over the fork but you can end up putting all your attention on this art rather than the conversation at the table.


You can also use your knife to push the salad onto your fork in a small, manageable bite size.


Remember, just like cutting meat, only cut what you are about to eat in that bite – do not cut up the whole salad, because you will look like you are preparing a plate for your four-year-old child.


Don’t forget your silent service code – cross your cutlery on the plate if you are still eating and position the knife and fork together when you are complete.


Enjoy your new confidence and the game of etiquette.


Kind Regards,

Ms. Manners


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