Choose a habit to kick in the new financial year

taskmasterI’d like to think I am a clean living sort of entrepreneur. I don’t smoke. I don’t take too many drugs. I only drink on days that end in the letter Y.


But I’m not perfect (very close) and I know that there are some habits that I need to kick. So every six months – marking the start of the calendar year and the new financial year – I make a resolution to kick a habit.


In the past six months, it’s been sweet biscuits. Because I am such a good boss, I provide tea and biscuits for my workers, but I must admit that I used to enjoy the odd snack or 15 through the day.


So from January 1, I went cold turkey. No sweet biscuits for me. It was hard, but my iron will has held firm.


As the new financial year starts, I’ve decided to kick another bad habit – not deleting emails.


Every few weeks, I get a visit from our IT person telling me my inbox is some extraordinary size – I never bother deleting or archiving emails – and I have to reduce it. This takes me two hours every time and I get so frustrated I end up storming out of the office.


It’s a little thing, but it’s a habit I can break. And I will!


What habit will you break? Get it done – today!


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